Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to rebook your procedure or consultation, kindly call us at 416-638-5889 at least 3 days before your scheduled appointment.

How early should I arrive?
Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled procedure time so that we can register you.

Once you arrive at the clinic and have registered you should expect be at the clinic for about 3 hours. If you are having a Gastroscopy it will take about 20 minutes. If you are doing a Colonoscopy it will be about 45 minutes. If you are doing BOTH procedures, it would be about 1 hour long.

If any biopsies were taken during your procedure, it will take about two weeks from the day we send in your sample. We will then fax the results to your family physician.

The procedure requires you to take a laxative that will clean out your colon at 4 P.M. the day before your procedure. For this reason, you will be using the washroom very frequently before your procedure and sometimes, even the day of. Since you will be put under sedation and will be unable to drive a vehicle or make any major decisions for 24 hours after, we strongly recommend you take the day off.

Generally patients feel fine after a gastroscopy and/or a colonoscopy. You may, however, feel woozy or groggy after the procedure so every patient must have someone to take them home. We will provide you with post procedure snacks for you to regain your strength. Also, you will probably have some gas which will cause mild discomfort, but this feeling will subside as soon as you allow the gas to pass through.

Please speak with your prescribing doctor for specific instructions on Cannibis or other medications before a colonoscopy procedure.